The fall is my favorite season by far, and it’s not because school is starting back up(why), or the walking dead returns(kill off daryl it would be hilarious), no it’s the return of fantasy football, or to me the best thing ever invented. I will be entering the fourth season with my buddies from high school and to me fantasy football really is life, something that I agree wholeheartedly with Matthew Berry of ESPN. Inspired by the aforementioned Berry’s ten commandments of fantasy I have a few of my own, there’s supposed to be fifteen but Mel Brooks dropped a few of the tablets I inscribed them on(we can’t be friends if you aren’t getting this reference).


It was the first season and we had just finished our fantasy draft, Matt Ryan being my favorite player and this being our first year when I wasn’t able to draft him I was dead set on acquiring him through trade.Jacoby Jones, David Wilson, and Mike Williams for Matt Ryan and Lance Moore; a real barnburner of a trade. Looking at this deal now three positional players for basically a quarterback is ridiculous; return yards were a thing for us back then. This set a precedent for our league though, vetoing was fine and if you had the slightest urging to veto you could and it was fine. It took until our third season to be done with the process, vetoing only causes more headaches, let people run their teams the way they want to, only in the case of collusion should there be vetoes and really that should come down to the commissioner’s discretion.

Find your settings

Making fantasy an open discussion is the best way to make each year something different, ppr, standard,IDP, hell I heard some people just axe kickers all together, a heinous act this last one Justin Tucker shall kick bombs and you will appreciate.

Try F.A.A.B.

Free agent acquisition budget replaces the old rotating acquisition of players at the weeks beginning to add new players. It takes no skill to be able to just add whomever you want, and one thing I generally appreciate is trying to make fantasy more rewarding and challenging to play. I know what you are thinking though, the player in last needs the best player on the waiver wire right? To me it isn’t that simple what about the second worst or third, or the guy with best record whose whole team was lost to injuries, they all need help too. Now you would bid out of a budget you set with your league and everyone has a shot to get any waiver add, for the right price.

Never stop competing

Life happens I get it, we all have a grind to go through and fantasy is supposed to be fun and an escape from life with people you call friends, or lesser names depending how your matchup for the week is going. But the one responsibility you should have to the league you are in is trying and make it seem like you still have the fighting spirit. I have been there so I get it, the trade I mentioned earlier all three of those players ended up having their seasons cut early by injury along with the rest of any caliber player I had going for me, so I pulled my lineup before my next week’s matchup and see what I had to work with. My league thought I gave up, what I did was look past the names and see if I could still win with my players, I thought I couldn’t so I made some last minute trades to get some guys who could get it done and made playoffs after starting 2 and 6 that year.

Do a live draft

Online drafts are just the worst, they feel like any other mock draft and after doing a few dozens of those the luster wears off when your draft comes up. A live draft with a board and the colored stickers and all your league mates around you, it is one of the best days of the year(the other’s being E3 video game convention opening, I’m a huge nerd, and the season premiere of Game of Thrones,queen cersei for the win). Live drafts allow for all the steals, heartbreaks and poor decisions a draft should come with.

Draft day

Speaking of draft day for all that is holy please, please, please make the draft day the last weekend of August or the first of September, no need for unwanted injuries to happen.

Have fun

There may not be a more important idea than this one, fantasy is about having fun, it’s meant to be played with friends who share a love for the hobby just like you. There’s no wrong or right way to draft on draft day, just try your best and make the most of the day and the year with the rest of your league mates.


Now if you need some help with that last part Dennis Dietz and myself will be posting our podcast weekly on  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with articles and tips to help you in the upcoming fantasy season and throughout.


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